The FTSS IV MAC LOT 1 - Prime  - ESP provides Contractor Operations and Maintenance Services (COMS), Contract Instruction Services (CIS), training device relocations, Training Systems Management (TSM), and other related training support services for fielded training systems and the needs of the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

SeaPort-NxG - Prime - ESP holds a Prime Seaport-NxG contract N00178-18-R-7000.  This contract is streamlined structure and 23 functional areas  divided into two work categories: engineering support services and program management support services. SeaPort-NxG has a five-year base and a five-year option.

Commander Navy Air Force Reserve (CNAFR), C-130 Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Maintenance Personnel Training - Prime - ESP provides Contractor Instructional Services (CIS) for C-130T Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Maintenance Personnel, as well as Aircrew fundamentals and general Operations/Administration training at Air Logistics Training Center (ALTC), Fort Worth, TX in support of Commander Fleet Logistics Support Wing (CFLSW). EPS Instructional Learning Standards (ILS) personnel develop curriculum documentation, training programs, including classroom lectures for presentation to students and coordinate with Navy program managers for approval for implementation and execution. ESP’s Quota Management/Student Support Services personnel enter student quota requests from commands in the Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource System (CETARS), ensuring available course seats, training devices, and simulator periods are efficiently provided and develop long and short range schedules daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually for each course of instruction with updates as required.

Western Pacific (WESTPAC) Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS)/Contractor Instructional Services (CIS) - Prime - ESP CI personnel provide real-time Pilot instruction and operation of the KC-130J training device. This operation includes malfunction inputs, weather adjustments, some degree of aircraft systems management (fuel panel operations, cargo management, refueling operations). ESP CIs provide Air Traffic Control functions as well as assuming the role of other aircraft in training scenarios. ESP CIs perform crew chief and load master responsibilities, essentially assuming the role of everyone behind the pilot seats). ESP CIs keep KC-130J simulator flight/tactical manuals and checklists current with the aircraft configuration. ESP provides Preventive, Corrective, and Depot level maintenance required to maintain the WESTPAC training systems in a ready-for-use condition. Devices include MV-22, F/A-18, MH-60, KC-130J, UH-1, AH-1 and others. 

Naval Aviation Survival Training Program (NASTP) Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS) - Prime - ESP has performed under the Naval Aviation Survival Training Program (NASTP) program from 2005 under two different five-year contracts. Services include Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS) for the Altitude Training / Rapid Decompression Chamber (9A9), Universal Ejection Seat Trainer (9E6), Parachute In-Water Release Trainer (9F2A/C), Helicopter Rescue Hoist Trainer (9H1), Modular Egress Training System (9D6B) and Parachute Over-Water Simulation Trainer (9F9A) requiring operations and maintenance support services. ESP Technician-Operators meet all Job Qualification Requirements (JQR) and provide initial start-up of the training device, software load, system readiness check, and insertion of initial conditions and parameters. 

NRC Trainer Maintenance - Prime - ESP provides technical-level maintenance support for four full-scope, nuclear power plant simulators  for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Technical Training Center (TTC), located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These devices include control room simulators replicating the Babcock & Wilcox (B&W), General Electric (GE), Combustion Engineering (CE) and Westinghouse reactor designs.

RESFOR COMS/CIS  - Prime - ESP provides Contractor Operation and Maintenance of Simulators (COMS) for the U.S. Reserve Force aviation training devices at NAS Fallon, NV; NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX; JBMDL, FT, Dix, NJ; NAS Key West, FL; NAS JRB New Orleans, LA and NAS Norfolk, VA. ESP also provides Contractor Instruction Services (CIS) at NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX and NAS Fallon, NV.

Surface Fire Fighting and Damage Control - Prime - ESP provides Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS for the Advanced Fire Fighting Trainers, Aircraft Fire Fighting Trainers, Damage Control Wet Trainers, Fire Fighter Facilities, and Trainer Support Gear located at Mayport, FL; Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; Newport, RI; Pearl Harbor, HI; RTC Great Lakes, IL; and SWOSU Great Lakes, IL. ESP has held this effort since 1998.

United States Marine Corps Ground Training Systems Support-West (GTSS-W) - Prime - ESP provides Operation, Maintenance, and Supply services for live fire range areas, training devices/equipment, and warehouse support. This involves all GTSS related training device/equipment issue, recovery, installation training, repair of targetry, range areas, real property maintenance, device/equipment operator support and familiarization training.

Naval Aviation Technical Training Center (NATTC) - Prime - ESP provides Operation, Maintenance, and Supply services for various air traffic control, avionics, air training and mechanical training devices such as aircraft carrier catapult systems.

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set Aside Public Law 108-183

(A) SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT: A Contracting Officer may award contracts to a SDVOSB on a sole source basis, if:

(1) SDVOSB is determined to be responsible and capable and no reasonable expectation that 2 or more SDVOSB will submit offers

(2) Award price of the contract (including options) not to exceed: $5M for industrial classification NAICS code manufacturing; #3M in the case of any other contract opportunity; and in the estimation of the Contracting Officer, the contract award can be made at a fair and reasonable price.

(B) RESTRICTED COMPETITION: Contracting Officers MAY set aside award contracts IF: reasonable expectation that 2 or more SDVOB will submit offers and award can be made at a fair market price.