ESP Announces Appointment of Chief Operations Officer

July 11, 2023: ESP today announced a new management structure with simplified roles and responsibilities to drive operational excellence. ESP is happy to announce Mr. Gil Taylor as our Chief Operations Officer (COO). John Russell, ESP’s Owner, President and CEO said “We have taken a fresh look at our organizational structure and are realigning our management team to improve our focus, better leverage ESP’s capabilities and deliver increased value for our customers”.

Mr. Taylor is a retired senior enlisted Marine with a career spent in Aviation Maintenance and as Aircrew in CH-46E and CH-53E aircraft. Upon retirement in 1999, Mr. Taylor entered the civilian sector as a DoD Contractor and has worked extensively in the Small Business environment.  Mr. Taylor’s experience includes both Aviation and Ground Simulation, Contract Instruction, Curriculum and Training Development, Training Device and TADSS Support, Role Playing Services, and Doctrine Development. Mr. Taylor has managed contracts for the Department of Defense, Department of State, USAID, and other non-government agencies. With a combined 43 years of military and contractor experience, Mr. Taylor is instrumental as a Team member providing lessons learned and insight into all aspects of the Small Business Entity.  He brings depth to an experienced ESP Team in Operations, Business Development, Financing and HR/Personnel.

As part of the company's new management structure, Mr. Taylor will help manage operations of the programs and contracts department, subject to the CEO’s long-term decision-making and day-to-day management of the company as a whole. As COO, Mr. Taylor provides operational management, as he helps ESP in the execution of growth-focused strategies. In addition to fostering a success-oriented, accountable environment within ESP, he will monitor customer satisfaction levels through direct contact with every customer of ESP.

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