Engineering Services

Engineering Support Personnel, Inc (ESP) maintains a capable and flexible staff of experienced engineers across all applicable engineering disciplines. Utilizing the systems engineering process, ESP engineering staff employs rigorous and proven engineering management processes and subject-matter expertise to support and supplement ESP program teams and initiatives, as well as on-call and in-service engineering offices for new and legacy fielded training systems. As a result of ESP’s depth in engineering capability and experience, ESP continues to provide the talent and expertise required to effectively operate, maintain and update complex training systems for its customers.


Reconfigurable Aviation Crew Trainer (ReACT)

Engineering Support Personnel, Inc. (ESP) provides a reconfigurable flight training device known as ReACT in 2012. We received our first order for this device from a Tier 1 Technological University and delivered in early July 2013. Their request was a B-737 and A320. The version depicted on our website includes a 180 degree visual and two flight stations. We provide a 180 day parts and labor warranty and 5 hours of monthly phone support if needed for 12 months after delivery. Minimum delivery time is 15 weeks after receipt of order. We provide each device to our customer's training needs. For additional information on the ReACT, see attached overview. ReACT 737.

Desktop Navigation Trainer

Engineering Support Personnel, Inc. (ESP) provides a desktop navigation trainer, currently configured for a B-737. This device has a built in computer and graphics system, a 3 axis joy stick, retractable flaps and landing gear, throttle and parking break. This unit has a 10" screen for visual reference. We provide a 90 day parts and labor warranty. Minimum delivery time is 12 weeks after receipt of order.

G1000 Navigation Trainer (Calypso)

Engineering Support Personnel, Inc. (ESP) provides an affordable, self-contained flight simulator, utilizing X-Plane 12®. Meet the “Calypso”. Calypso Navigation Trainer. Our simulator can be used for flight pro­ce­dures, aircraft startup, flight, and shut­down. You can per­form landing approaches, hold­ing pro­ce­dures, G-1000 navigation, fly pre-loaded missions or “Free Fly”. Our device can be used by anyone. No special training required. Training device comes complete with all features offered by X-Plane 12 Professional®. With Calypso, there’s no need to purchase separate components. Everything you need comes with our device.