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ESP Opens Jacksonville, FL Aircrew Training Facility

Located outside Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL, ESP's Aircrew Training Facility houses a full-scale, P-3C Orion Operational Flight Trainer (OFT), 737-800 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) and 737-800 desktop navigation trainer. ESP's P-3C OFT is fully operational and complete with accurate engine and instrument panels, hydraulic control loading and navigation systems. The ESP P-3C OFT is…
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ESP Launches Calypso!

Engineering Support Personnel, Inc. (ESP) has developed an affordable, self-contained desktop flight simulator, utilizing X-Plane 11®. Our desktop is an afford­able system used for flight pro­ce­dures, aircraft startup, flight, and shut­down. You can per­form landing approaches, hold­ing pro­ce­dures, G-1000 navigation, fly pre-loaded missions or “Free Fly”. Our device is designed to be used by anyone.…
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February 26th, 2022 - Engineering Support Personnel Inc., (ESP) announced today that it has been awarded the United States Naval Reserve Forces (RESFOR) training services program. This program supports training at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, TX. ESP Contract Instructors prepare and present training for C-130 Pilot, Flight Engineer, Maintenance Personnel, Aircrew Fundamentals and Wire Connector/Repair and Operations/Administration students. ESP’s Quota Management/Student Support Services personnel enter student quota requests from commands, ensuring available course seats, training devices, and simulator periods are efficiently provided and develop long and short-range schedules daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually for each course of instruction with updates as required. ESP’s ILS personnel develop curriculum documentation, training programs, including classroom lectures for presentation to students. This was a re-compete for ESP and we look forward to a continued relationship with Commander Navy Air Force Reserve (CNARF) and the Air Logistics Training Center for another five years.