ESP Opens Jacksonville, FL Aircrew Training Facility

Located outside Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL, ESP's Aircrew Training Facility houses a full-scale, P-3C Orion Operational Flight Trainer (OFT), 737-800 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) and 737-800 desktop navigation trainer. ESP's P-3C OFT is fully operational and complete with accurate engine and instrument panels, hydraulic control loading and navigation systems. The ESP P-3C OFT is capable of training pilots and flight engineers.  The device provides P-3 flight crewmembers with resources for initial, recurrent, transitional and readiness training, designed to attain, maintain and increase their flying proficiency.  To achieve these training requirements, the ESP P-3C replicates the P-3C Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Flight Engineer stations, simulates normal, degraded and emergency conditions and provides the controls and feedback necessary to monitor and manipulate the training problem scenario.

Flight crew training in the ESP P-3C OFT includes training in the operation of the flight crew stations for the recognition and correction of problems associated with the aircraft and its component systems throughout the flight environment.  A realistic training environment is achieved by duplicating the P-3C flight station and its associated avionics and subsystems both in performance and layout as it exists in the design basis aircraft.  The stimulation of avionics and control of the aircraft systems and subsystems is accomplished by an instructor controllable simulation complex.

Additionally, ESP plans to locate its Reconfigurable Aviation Crew Trainer (ReACT) 737-800 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) to this facility. ESP has developed an affordable flight simulator utilizing Lockheed Martin Professional Prepar3D®. The ReACT, modeled after the 737-800 is an affordable system used for flight procedures, aircraft startup, flight, and shutdown. Flight crews can perform landing approaches, holding procedures, VOR tracking, fly pre-loaded missions or “Free Fly”. ESP's ReACT is designed to be used by anyone. No special training is required. The ReACT comes complete with all features offered by Prepar3D® such as 24,900 airports, realistic air traffic control, accurate topography and more. The ReACT can easily be transported and setup anywhere. As long as standard 15amp outlet power is available, the ReACT is "ready to go".

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